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August 8, 2017

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Summer News!

July 20, 2016

Summer Time is a busy time around FTG Schools!  We are finishing the search for staff to begin the school year, finishing summer cleaning, and doing last minute maintenance.  We received our state funding and it was $208,000 less than we finished last year with and a whopping $367,000 less than we started last year with! 

We expected that, so we made the cuts listed below to try to weather this storm.  Please know that all of these cuts come with a price, as each item cut was part of the quality of our system.  We will continue to provide the best service we can as a school, but please continue to communicate with legislators that although we are getting by, these continued cuts are continuing to erode quality.

On the brighter side, we have one month of summer to enjoy before we begin another GREAT school year!  I am looking forward to working with kids, staff, and parents in the best school in the world!!


2016 State Budget Cut Impact to FTG

Buy used bus  instead of  buying new bus


Safety is compromised by substituting a high mileage bus for a new bus.


Curriculum Consultant


This consultant assisted the superintendent in curriculum and student advocacy since the district lost the curriculum director in the 2009 cuts.


Eliminate online Spanish


Increases class sizes in current Spanish courses.


Family Consumer Science Teacher


Reduces FCS staff from two teacher program to one.  Reduces Early Childhood class opportunities for HS students.


Two positions at ELC


Raises class sizes from 20 to 22-24 in certain grades.


Teacher aide at ELC


Reduces reading support for students.





DHS social worker position

Services for students in need of help will be limited


Move internet subscriptions To bond


Reduces available funds used to purchase student laptops for our 1:1 computer initiative



Summer Cleaning


For this summer only, deep cleaning of carpets has been limited to high traffic areas. 


Reduce Summer School


Program that has helped remediate 100 students in the past will be reduced in scope and number.


Summer Energy setback


Building use will be restricted due to reduction in summer cleaning and summer school as well as a reduction in community activities in buildings.


The above cuts total $367,000.  On top of these cuts, the district is hiring back three retired employees who will work at a reduced rate, saving the district approximately


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Weekly Bulletin

December 7, 2015


“Empower Students to Achieve”      

Salaam Awaleekoom (“Peace be with you” in standard Arabic and part of our student developed global education plan to better prepare our kids for understanding different cultures around the world.)


“Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.”

-Anatole France


  • At this time of year, I like to reflect back on how we have been blessed this past year.  Sometimes, we get so busy we don’t stop to think about what we have accomplished in the past year.  I decided to list just a few that pop into my head:  (Please forgive me if I leave anything out, because great things are happening every day)
  • Provided a high quality education for almost 1900 students each and every day.  Professionally educating all students including:  gifted students, special needs students, alternative education students, and bilingual.

  • Provided breakfast and lunches for hundreds of students each and every day.  Although faced with strict mandates our child nutrition program is rated very high by our State Dept. of Education.

  • Provided safe transportation to hundreds of students every day to school and extracurricular events. 

  • Provided some of the best and cleanest facilities and grounds in the State.

  • Our staff is coming out of one of the most challenging times ever to be a teacher and have great momentum moving forward!

  • Has high ACT and state test scores and continue to work to improve.

  • Career pathways are developed so parents and students can start working toward a plan of study at the high school level.  Our multi-media, robotics competitions and a design/engineering competition help kids connect school to life. 

  • Provided the highest quality extracurricular activities in all areas, led by value driven sponsors/teachers/coaches.

  • Our school is not only stressing academics but also works service education into our curriculum and developing global education opportunities.

  • Our advocacy program is becoming an important relationship tool and our Alert Now call system, facebook, twitter, and grade reporting on STI are vital communication tools.

  • Our technology program is continually improving as we face the challenges of connecting every kid every day to the internet!

  • We have one of the most innovative and progressive boards of education and education foundations in the state.  The Foundation is helping the board of education to fund and maintain our special programs and teacher grants.


    Activities for the week:

  • Monday –  6-7-8 bball vs. Locust Grove

  • Tuesday – HS basketball at Inola Tourney

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday – bball at Inola tourney, Swim at Jenks, Wrestling at McAlester, 1st grade Christmas Musical

  • Friday –  Inola Basketball Tourney

  • Saturday – Bball at Inola Tourney, FFA MFE/ALD

  • Sunday – FFA MFE/ALD


    Have a blessed week!

    b’slemma (“good bye” in standard Arabic)


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Weekly Bulletin

November 30, 2015

Empower Students to Achieve!


Salaam Awaleekoom (“Peace be with you” in standard Arabic.  A part of our global education plan designed by our students to make our kids aware of different cultures and their languages.)


“The only people you should ever want to get ‘even’ with are those who have helped you.”

-John Honeyfield


  • Our drama students and teachers did an amazing job with the musical Aida!


  • Swimming, wrestling and basketball are getting rolling.  Our swimmers are doing great, so far!  FFA has been busy getting ready for the spring shows.


  • Don’t forget the Christmas parade on December 7th.  Our band will lead the way!


 Activities for the week:

Monday – 6th bball at keys tourney, 7-8 bball at Catoosa, 9th bball vs. Catoosa.

Tuesday –  HS bball vs. Catoosa, 6th bball at keys tourney.

Thursday –6th bball at keys tourney, 7-9 bball vs Hilldale, Swim at Bixby

Friday –  HS basketball at Hilldale

Saturday – FFA MFE/ALD at Tulsa, Wrestling FTG novice tourney.


b’slemma (“good bye” in standard Arabic)

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Weekly Bulletin

November 9, 2015

“Empower Students to Achieve!”


Salaam Awaleekoom (“Peace be with you” in standard Arabic)*


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

-Frederick Douglass


  • With only five weeks of school (hard to believe!) left in this semester, it is extremely important that students are aware of their grades and progress.  
  • Thank you to our football team and coaches for representing our school and community with class and character this year.Football games are a big event for our community and our team, band, and cheerleaders always make it a great night!GO TIGERS!!!
  • Our Veteran’s Day program is Wednesday, Nov. 11th at 9:30am. Many thanks go out to everyone who work on the program and make it such a special day.It not only honors our veterans, but also is a great instructional tool for our students.We strive to use it as an opportunity to let students know the sacrifice that has been made for them to live in this country.
  • Next Monday, November 16th is a professional development day.This is a time for our staff to finalize and post  benchmark assessment score sheets and our instructional strategies. This is a focus of this year.  Staff will also work on and share best practices in using technology in the classroom.  Our high school uses part of this day to change student schedules to start the new trimester.  
  • *About seven years ago, a group of five senior students participated in an independent study class to develop a global education plan for the district.This simple plan revolves around four cultures identified as the four key culture and languages that United States students should be familiar with for both economic and national security.Those cultures/languages are:Chinese, Arabic, French, and Spanish.This nine-week period our focus is on the Arabic culture.There is strength in learning about those around us.Please take any opportunity you see to discuss the culture of this area, the language, and the significance on world events.


  • Activities for the week:

  • American Education Week!!

    Monday – 9 bball FTG tourney, board meeting

    Tuesday –  Education Foundation meeting, 9th bball FTG tourney, 7-8 bball at Spiro, FFA state sporting clay event

    Wednesday –Veteran’s Day Assembly,

    Thursday –  9th bball FTG tourney, 6th bball at Oktaha, flu shots

    Friday –  flu shots


    b’slemma (“good bye” in standard Arabic)

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Weekly Bulletin

September 28, 2015

It is a GREAT day for school! "Empowering Students to Achieve!" “nihao” (Chinese for "hello" and part of our student produced global education program)   “If you really want to do . . . read more Comments 0 Comments


September 21, 2015

It is a GREAT day for school! “nihao”  (Chinese for "hello")   “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” - Admiral Hyman Rickover . . . read more Comments 0 Comments

Weekly Bulletin

September 1, 2015

It is a GREAT day for school! “nihao”  (Chinese for "hello" - Part of our Global Education initiative)   “Be kind.  Every person you meet is fighting a hard battle.” . . . read more Comments 0 Comments

Weekly Bulletin

August 24, 2015

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Weekly Bulletin

August 17, 2015

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Rally Together for Public Education!

April 3, 2015

On March 30th a team of teachers, parents, and community members attended the education rally at the Capitol.  Our team met with Representative Faught and Senator David about legislative issues that are affecting public education.  . . . read more Comments 0 Comments

From the Desk...03.20.15

By Glover, Derald | March 20, 2015

Recently, I was asked to put together some information about our school.  I immediately began to think about the data and statistics that make up our student demographics, our test scores, and our geographical information.  Most of . . . read more Comments 0 Comments