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Week of January 15th, 2018


Yellow Group - digraphs ch, sh, and wh

wham  cash  chip  dash  rich  whip  shot

when  chat  such  chum  whiz  rush  shed

Green Group - Long Vowel a (a_e, ai, ay)

rain  state  pay  way  male  brain  sail

stay  take  may  gave  day  wait  clay


Week of January 22nd, 2018

Yellow Group - Short Vowels with Blends (st/fr)

frog  stop  best  fast  frost  lost  from  west

fresh  step  fret  stand  front  list  fry  cost

Green Group - Short and Long Vowel e

green  wet  feet  jet  tree  yes

sheep  nest  week  fed  need  pet