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Accelerated Reading


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4th Grade Accelerated Reader Syllabus
Instructor:  Cheryl Franklin
Room:  C104
Contact Time:  9:40-10:30 am, M-F
School Phone:  918-478-2465
Email:  c_franklin@ftgibson.k12.ok.us                 
Website: www.ftgibson.k12.ok.us
Course Description: 
Students will be required to read self-chosen, appropriate leveled A.R. books to meet point goal, average percent correct (80%) goal, non-fiction test (2) goal, and average reading level goal each quarter.
Fort Gibson Schools has been a state leader in transitioning to a more relevant and rigorous form of instruction.  In this course the following will be expected:
Reading: Students will use active reading strategies to read various texts. 
Speaking: Students will express his/her original thought verbally in a clear and concise manner.
Reasoning: Students will analyze charts, graphs, or diagrams and make inferences about the data.
Writing: Students will express their original thoughts in writing through quick writes and/or formal writing.
Students will be taught using the following category of techniques: 
Quadrant A-Students will know key ideas and details from a text.
Quadrant B-Students will apply knowledge from multiple sources to explain, write, or speak about a subject knowledgeably.
Quadrant C-Students will compare and contrast events, ideas, concepts, or information from multiple texts.
Quadrant D-Students will debate different points of view on topics from multiple texts.
Class Expectations:
To be a successful school takes the cooperation of all involved.  A handbook will be provided to each student that explains the most pertinent information and rules that each student should know.  A more detailed policy book is available for view in our library.  Specific expectations for our classroom include:
Bring pencil, books, and all needed materials to class every day.
Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.
No profanity, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put-downs.
Follow directions.
Required Materials:        
A.R. Goal Log
1-2 appropriate leveled books 
Grading Policy:
Each student is assigned a new A.R. goal at the beginning of each 9 weeks based on STAR tests and other criteria. Students will be given a test grade at the end of each quarter based on meeting their assigned A.R. point goal, average percent correct (80%) goal, two passed A.R. tests over non-fiction books, and average reading level goal.  
Students will read approximately 30 to 40 minutes daily at school.  Therefore, meeting their A.R. goal will require students to read 5 days each week, 15 to 30 minutes nightly.  Students’ goal progress will be monitored throughout the quarter.  If a student is not on track to meeting their goal, he/she may be required to miss recess to give additional time to read and attempt to get back on track. 
Make-up Work:
No A.R. test can be credited to a student’s grade once that quarter has ended.
Even if a student is absent, they are required to read in order to reach goals. 
Progress Reports will be sent out the fifth and ninth week of each quarter.
Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 17 and October 18 and March 23 and March 28 from 4:00-7:00.